We are Architectural designers who specialise in obtaining planning permission for every type of development in England and Wales.

Our qualified Planning Consultants are vastly experienced after having spent over 15 years working in Local Authority and hold undergraduate and post graduate degrees in City and Regional Planning and Regeneration.

We have specialist CAD Architectural designers and a Chartered Engineer to cover all aspects of Structural Engineering and Building Regulations.

With so many years of experience under our belt, we have worked for large architectural firms who undertake huge projects that require immense amounts of planning and design, all the way to local government bodies where we worked closely with the bureaucratic inner workings of planning permission and how best to obtain it. Our experience has made us the company we are today and we are fortunate to gained valuable experience we now pass down to our clients.

With pretty much all feedback we have received being positive we know we are on the right course to building better business relationships and growing our company along with those that we work with. We have found developers who love our work and regularly work with us and we of course do much of our work on a one off basis but still hope to leave the customer feeling they have had a personable and professional experience each and every time.

Our areas of expertise allow us to excel as planning consultants in Swansea and we also take on work further afield, whether you are just a county over or across the country but love the sound of what we do, please get in touch and we can advise you on whether or not we can help and how.


We work closely with each client to provide CAD drawings of their project or help with creating something unique.


From LDC's to planning applications, we will advise you on the best course of action and guide you through it start to finish.


Our experts are well versed in all regulations so you can avoid any design or planning mishaps that will cause you problems in future.

ALl sectors

Whether you are an individual seeking an extension or a development company seeking advise on high rise buildings, we can help.

Planning Permission

It’s vital that when applying for planning permission you know exactly what is allowed and what is not, our experts have worked with local government bodies and hold post-graduate degrees in City and Regional Planning and Regeneration giving us the perfect edge and allowing us to obtain planning permission for the large majority of our clientele.

Architectural CAD Designs

From planning to design and advise on implementation, we can do it all. We have fully qualified CAD engineers who can help you design your project and create formal documentation no matter whether you require an extension or are a land developer. We offer our services across England and Wales so get in touch today if you are in need of planning consultation or architectural drawings.







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